NBMP Level 1 bat detector workshop

25th July, 2024 | 20:15
Price : £ 16
Library of Innerpeffray
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NBMP Level 1 bat detector workshop

This event is being delivered on behalf of the Bat Conservation Trust. All bookings and payments will be managed by BCT and all money goes to BCT and their amazing works for UK bats. Aquila Wildlife & Nature CIC deliver the training voluntarily.

Workshop outline

8.15pm Arrival

8.30pm Bat detector workshop - NBMP Level 1



Why monitor bats

Why bats are important

Pressures on bats

Importance of monitoring

NBMP and latest results

Bat species and identification

Overview of UK bat species

Big bats and small bats

Pipistrelles and Daubenton's bats

Echolocation and recognising bat calls

Heterodyne bat detector tuning

10 minute break - please bring something to eat and drink

Waterway survey

Overview of methodology

NBMP online recording

Selecting survey sites

Health and safety

Identifying bat passes


Bat identification and key facts

10.00pm Practical session/bat walk using detectors to listen for bats and practise survey techniques

11:00pm Finish (you can leave earlier if you need to).

Ticket Types:

Existing NBMP Volunteer £ 6.00

BCT members/partner bat group members/unwaged £ 11.00

Standard £ 16.00

Bat Group member (limited to 15 places) £ 0.00