Talks and Presentations

We can also deliver talks and presentations on request. Topics include:

  • Massacre on migration – this presentation illustrates the problems birds face on migration over places such as Malta and Cyprus and provides personal experiences of working in raptor protection camps.
  • Raptor Persecution – this presentation deals with some of the issues in our countryside with wildlife crime and focuses on how this impacts the populations of certain raptor species within the UK.
  • Bats and the law – this talk aims to provide you as business or home owners with the knowledge of what you can and can’t do if you have bats at your property and ways of providing mitigation so that you and the bats can live peacefully together.
  • Pandas and me– in this presentation Andrea gives an overview of panda ecology, the threats they face, why it’s so hard for them to breed and shares some of her personal experiences of working at Edinburgh Zoo with Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

There is a standard charge of £30.00 for the above talks (based on a 1 hour talk including questions) and donations to a specific conservation charity will be requested.