Night-time Safari & Stargazing Event 12/01/24

By Evelyn Schreiner the 16/01/2024

Hello everyone!

Last week we hosted our first night-time event of the year! We hoped to search for nocturnal wildlife and enjoy a bit of stargazing at the same time, exposing more people to the wonders of the natural night! To do this, we set up thermal imaging cameras, infrared cameras, a scope, and a reflector telescope out in St. Fillans golf course. Although the sky was cloudy for most of the session, we were able to use our telescope, scope, and binoculars to spot Jupiter and its four largest moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Once the clouds began to clear towards the end, we also shared our knowledge of common winter constellations and stars to look for in the night sky! We discovered a hare on the golf course using our thermal imaging and infrared cameras, and heard a tawny owl. Next time we hope to see a long-eared owl since they have been very active on the golf course lately.

We were so pleased to see the enthusiasm from all of our lovely guests; there were about 25 of you in total! Thank you all for sticking through the colder weather (aided by some delicious hot chocolate). We think the higher numbers might have made the wildlife a bit shy, so we are considering making spaces limited for next session. So book early if you have a chance and are interested in seeing what else lurks in the shadows!

We will be hosting more night-time events throughout the year. The next one is scheduled for the 9th of March 2024.

Hope to see you then!